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    Hi ladies and gentlemen. Defi Link Gauges for sale as A SET. Consist of 6 gauges (with sensors) & 1 Defi Link Display(with mounting) & Control Unit. Turbo (blue) Oil temp (white) Oil press (white) Water temp (white) Fuel press (white) Exhaust temp (no sensor as it was left in the exhaust pipe)...
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    WTS Nardi Deep Corn

    WTS a new nardi deep corn. Offset 80mm 350mm diameter with red stitch and perforated leather. Comes with new genuine Nardi serial number card. SOLD
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    WTS Turbosmart dual port BOV & Elite Catch Can

    BOV and Catch can sold to a nice bro.
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    WTS Turbosmart dual port BOV & Elite Catch Can

    Selling EVO X Turbosmart Dual Port BOV for atmospheric and/or recirculated use - SOLD Elite catch can (from Lim Tan LTM) 500ml - SOLD
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    WTS:- Bride Japan CF Seat

    hi bro can pm price?
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    WTS Splitter Support Rods

    Hi all, have an extra pair of splitter support rods in silver. Going for $50. New in packaging. Got 1 too many. Length 100mm extendable to about 150mm. Thanks all. 9-1-5-2-44-53
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    VSD sold. Harness remaining.
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    WTS Rota, Sparco Harness, Sparco EVO, Momo

    WTS Rota IKR from H Tyres (Black) - $ 650 17 x 9J 114.3 x 5 +42 offset. Rims only. No tyres. Sparco Four Point Harness (FIA...
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    Left with Sparco 4 point harness & defi VSD concept only.
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    Defi VSD concept - $300 ONE Genuine Sparco Four Point Harness (FIA expired) - $300 COmes with eye bolts, box, manual and quick release.
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    Defi VSD CONCEPT for sale. Defi link and sensors sold.
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    WTS Defi VSD Concept - $300 Defi Link Display - $550 (with oil temp, oil press, water temp) Defi BF Boost Gauge w CU2 - $200 Interested plz reach me at 9-one-five-2-4-five-five-3
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    WTS Sard, Tyres, Amaron, Works etc...

    Sard R2D2 - $250 Genuine Sard BOV for sale. Item out of ride. Fits Evo X ... 81205b.jpg Amaron 42B20L - $50 (6months or less, upgraded to Odyseyy) A PAIR of 10mm spacer (114.3 x 5) - $120 Anka 18inch rims (staggered dish rims) - $490 18x8.5 +45 18x9.5...
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    WTS Sard R2D2

    WTS SARD R2D2 Genuine Sard BOV for sale. ... 81205b.jpg Asking $280 C&C Plug and play for Evo X. 9-one-five-2-four-4-5-three
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    WTB Defi BF White Turbo Gauge & Fuel Press

    Looking for above 2 gauges. Turbo & Fuel Press in white. 91524453.
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    WTS Blitz SS BOV

    ups! going at 180 now.
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    WTS Blitz SS BOV

    WTS Blitz SS Bov - $250 neg Already dekitted. C&C only.. 91524453