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    #EVOsUnited Whatsapp Group Chat

    Bringing it up up and away!
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    A SG Evo Track Day 2018?

    Hello KC! Lost the dates to it. So LL liao loh.
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    #EVOsUnited Whatsapp Group Chat

    Hello! Hehe
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    #EVOsUnited Whatsapp Group Chat

    Another group chat?! Yes it is! You asked why? Some things better left unanswered. As techonologies advances, now all upgraded to Whatsapp Group Chat loh. The intention of this creation was to bring along all Evos owners Current or even Ex Owners as a community for everyone. Why Ex? Maybe you...
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    SGEvoClub Frequently Asked Questions

    Thank you Mr. Silvermail for keep this forum alive! Theres many grps out there today who have manage to found each other using this platform.
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    A SG Evo Track Day 2018?

    Dates not available anymore. Theres another member who manage to co organizer with one event team in April
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    A SG Evo Track Day 2018?

    Ok sad news. dates not available. So GAME OVER! Thank you.
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    A SG Evo Track Day 2018?

    Slot no more available sorry guys
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    WTS: E9 GT

    Oct 2006 unit. Renewed for 10Years I am the 2nd owner since 2015Oct. 1st Owner complete the cycle of 9.5Years Car is in very mint condition. Mileage till date only 80k km only as the car was previously OPC registered. All wear n tear has been changed. Owner is a NIAO ONG. See to Believe. Alot...
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    WTB Stock Evo 9 Items - updated 11 April 2017

    I have both front lip and aircon. whatsapp 94526985
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    WTB Evo 9 Stock Front Bonnet (Closed)

    I got bonnet, WhatsApp 94526985
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    WTB: Evo 7-9 Cluster/Speedo

    I have one. How much wanna offer? Whatsapp 94526985
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    WTB: Evo Speedo Cluster

    I have one. How much wanna offer ? 94526985
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    Looking for original front & rear evo 9 bumper

    Whatsapp me 94526985. I have rear bumper
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    WTS: HKS Hipermax 3 and HKS GD Pro twin plate clutch (for dekit or scrap only)

    I wish i can call but i have hearing difficulties. 94526985 if you willing to use sms with me
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    Have loads of STOCK parts to sell. Confirm is Heaven price BUT some might be at a cheap bargain too. Whatsapp 94526985 to ask me if i have THE ONE you need and we can discuss this further.
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    WTB Motec / Injectors

    Have 800cc sard injector. Whatsapp 94526985
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    Want to buy - Evo.9 Parts

    whatsapp me 94526985 i have most of what you need
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    WTB: Exhaust with Cert

    Whatsapp me 94526985 have a hks hi-power silent with cert
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    Wtb need a set of front rotors for evo 9

    Whatsapp me 94526985. I have a set front n rear with brake pad going off cheaply