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    20 GTR R35 at a go..

    one PI in HKG Richburgh brought in 20 GTR... Vid> heard atotal of 48 GTR has landed till date...
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    Evo 9 GT for sale

    Looking at letting go my GT White, Sept 05. OMV 41k+ COE 14k+ Price is 105k and EVRYTHING goes with car.. Basic upgrades with the car: Handling/engine performance: Kansai rear ARB Carbing 6 pt brace Cusco 3 pt F strut Cusco 2 pt R strut KW var 3 coilovers Engine damper...
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    For Sale - C West Neo GT Wing *SOLD*

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    E9 Turbo + added stuff for sale or part exchange

    Low mileage, gd condition. Taken out after 2wks - Turbo SOLD Can come with stock accuator or uprated. Also have Gialla front bumper (white) - $250 Cusco brake stopper - $150 Stock muffler - *offer* Willing to trade for parts or cash n carry or both depending on value. Looking...
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    WTB Bride seats

    Looking for reclinable: Either Gias, Low max etc PM me your offer and state if it include rails or not. Thanks
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    PArts for Sale

    Have the following for sale: 19" Buddy Club P1 with new tires. Offset 30- 2.6k Evo 9 Mag Turbo, gd for ppl that wanna hybrid - <5k milage - Offer Cusco brake stopper - 150 Exhaust temp sensor for delphi - 150 Stock rear Muffler - Offer Pls sms 90686949 or PM me.
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    Group Buy for KW Coilovers

    Im looking for at least another guy that is keen to purchase the KW Variant 3 coilovers. More info can be read here ... /index.php Locally its sold for about S$4k (without metal mounts) Metal mounts is extra $400 But now landed in SIN is...
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    PayPal money for sale

    HI i have a fair bit of PayPal cash in USD for sale. If u are thinking of buying stuff from US, best way is pay via PayPal which is better then going to banks to do TT. I will be able to sell u 1USD : SGD1.62 Currently if u change from bank or TT u need to pay ard 1.63-1.64 + fees...