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    WTS demod!- > Motec, carbon parts etc

    Keen on the MOTEC, PM'd you.
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    Looking for Greddy manifold kit

    Anyone selling please give me a PM.
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    wtb: blitz intake manifold & full race prostock manifold

    Anyone intending to sell the abovementioned please kindly pm me your pricing. I'm not a lowballer but please do quote a reasonable price. Many Thanks!
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    Good cheap respray?

    Read between the lines as no body is gung ho enough to point fingers or directly name it evo-4b11-general/pro-evo-workshops-t23679.html?hilit=Pro%20workshop
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    Good cheap respray?

    I hitched a ride in my friend's evo & went there for a cam install quote - all i can say is it is too ridiculous for me to mention as i can top up a little more for a full labour on engine rebuild. Was totally not impressed with the shop outlook except for it's cleaniness. There was only one...
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    Wts: Tomei Procams 280 & stock turbo

    PM replied - Upssss, item still available as buyer had a change of mind
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    Wts: Tomei Procams 280 & stock turbo

    bump for Pre National Day! :bounce:
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    Wts: Tomei Procams 280 & stock turbo

    absent minded me...... :lol: please contact me tru PM :bounce: for my blower & sugarcanes!
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    Wts: Tomei Procams 280 & stock turbo

    Turbo - good condition, no shaft play - $950 Tomei Procams - $650 Intake/exhaust - 280 duration Intake lift - 11.5mm Exhaust lift - 11.0mm * byotvs - buy your own tomei valve springs because it is not worth for me to pay extra labour to have them removed No low ballers please, items are in...
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    Potential SST problem!

    Other than GR, the other big boys capable of changing R35 clutches are ST Power & MB Motors will be capable enough to handle the clutch change on a SST
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    Servicing Venue

    My personal take on this : hop around get a personal feel of the various workshops, compare the prices & service attitude. Don't stay too long with a particular workshop as it can get too personal when things go wrong or if the bill starts to rocket skywards & you find that you are cornered when...
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    60k mileage-Servicing- What needs to do?

    No bleeding is required if it is just a oil drain for the ayc oil unless it is removed. For oil changes, you can consider going to these workshops: Garage R, ST Power, Lim Tan Motors, CarFeels, Uber Garage But do remember to refrain youself from the tempting performance go fast parts that...
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    WTS: Evo X complete front & rear Brembo $1600

    Brakes sold to a nice buyer! hope you to see these brakes on your ride soon. Moderator kindly assist to close this thread Thank you
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    WTS: Evo X complete front & rear Brembo $1600

    Front 4 pot Brembo + 350mm rotors + pads + brake hose Rear 2 pot Brembo + 330mm rotors + pads + brake hose Brakes were taken out last week @ 34000km, good condition with no warping of rotors Dealing at $1600 Kindly PM me
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    I wonder how the hell he's gona race with people when the other car takes off & he reacts only after 3 seconds due to his retardness....hahaha
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    I have reading this thread with great interest & couldn't resist taking a swipe at him as he's really cocky... To Alan9955: dun make his mother cannot recognise him, because he's got a face only a mother could love based on the FB pictures that i have seen.... :D
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    For sale: new tome cams for evoX

    think i will give these cams a pass, i just called ST Power & they are selling these at only $1100 w/o installation. My buddy purchased & installed his Poncam @ Uber Garage for $1250. Perhaps you might want to review your selling price?
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    For sale: new tome cams for evoX

    Is this the Poncam or Procam? Would appreciate if you can advise on the labour charges. Thanks
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    Special Project : WTB Turbo downpipe

    Sorry. forgot to include i looking for the turbo elbow as well. Cheers.