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  1. Lmodel

    WTB: Evo 9

    I've got a friend looking for a relatively stock (not demodded) Evo 9. Please call GY at +9756 5085 if you are selling. Cheers!
  2. Lmodel


    So how many are looking to renew their COE or has renewed?
  3. Lmodel

    WTB: Bonnet Stand (Holder)

    Hi, Looking for a complete set of Evo 9 Bonnet Stand (to hold up bonnet for access to engine bay). PM me if anyone is scrapping or have a spare set for sale.
  4. Lmodel

    WTB: HKS SSQV Recir Kit

    As above, I'm looking for a Recirculation kit for HKS SSQV BOV. Pls PM to offer. Thanks!
  5. Lmodel

    My Ride #2

    Hi Guys! Happy Chinese New Year! Anyway, I realised that it has been quite awhile since I took photos of her. So I brought her out early morning on the first day of Chinese New Year for a photo taking session! Some photos to share =) 01 02 03 04 05 06
  6. Lmodel

    LF: 3" Downpipe, High Flow Cat n Test pipe for Evo IX

    As mentioned, looking for the above. If you have, please PM me. Thanks!
  7. Lmodel

    LED Strobe Lights (Good fit for stock bumper)

    Brought in some when I imported some stuffs over. Same brand that are used on our TP WRX. Good fit for installation in the air vent for stock bumpers. Color : White Price: $240 per pair (excl. installation and switches) Dimensions: 69mm(L) x 27mm(H) x 27mm (D) Useful when gunning down NS...
  8. Lmodel

    WTB: Original CAT/ Original Dummy CAT

    As above, looking for an original CAT, knocked through or original. Thanks!
  9. Lmodel

    Wrong Price?

    Is my eyes playing trick on me or is there something very wrong with the car?
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    [Source from BBC] Italian police crash Lamborghini supercar Italian police have crashed their most valuable patrol car, a 165,000-euro (£150,000) Lamborghini. The accident happened near the northern Italian town of Cremona where it was on display at a student jobs fair. Reports say the car...
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    Anyone placing their bids?
  12. Lmodel

    High Number of Evos for Sale

    Noted quite a high volume of Evos for sale in sgcarmart. Of which, 21 are Evo 9s (2 GTA Wagons inclusive - not very often to see 2 wagons on sale at the same time) and 11 Evo X. I remembered the last time I saw this volume is during the beginning of the economy crisis. So the trend is back...
  13. Lmodel

    Hyundai New Sonata

    Hyundai reveals details about its new Sonata Source Extracted from SGCARMART Leaked pictures of the Sonata has been spotted on the Internet, as Hyundai prepares the Sonata for is domestic market launch on September 10, having already started taking orders for the car. The new Sonata...
  14. Lmodel

    Evo got Stomped

    Got stomped by a jealous stomper :lol:
  15. Lmodel

    Three consortiums submit tenders for Changi Motorsports Hub

    SINGAPORE: Three consortiums have submitted tenders to build Singapore's permanent racing track in Changi. The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) had called for tenders in March and the bidding closed at 4pm on Thursday. The three consortiums are SG Changi Pte Ltd, Singapore Agro Agriculture Pte...
  16. Lmodel

    Braking System Just wondering what is the stopping distance for this Honda at 100km/h to stop. :shock:
  17. Lmodel

    WTB: Looking for Dummy Cat for IX

    Anyone selling? Pls PM me. Thanks!
  18. Lmodel

    Kakimotor 3" Downpipe

    Selling the above for use with E7 ~ E9. Comes with EGT bung and Wideband Sensor bung. Price: S$150.00
  19. Lmodel

    FP Red for EVO X - Promotion

    Forced Performance is having a special promotion for their FP Red for Evo X (while stocks last). I'm guessing they are coming out with a new model similar to the 73HTA. Nonetheless, still a very good pricing for those looking for an upgrade. Time for GB :D...
  20. Lmodel


    Seems like there is an increase in the Evo population in SIM. Yest, I've seen a Red Evo 9 (stock), White Evo 9 (playboy decal) and White Evo 10 yest. Please identify yourself :D