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    Wts: Modified blue rear stock bumper

    Already dekitted. Comes with rear led brake lights. Bumper modded with brake vents. $500 Pm to deal. Time wasters, paper aeroplane pilots, insincere buyers please go far far away.
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    Clearing store room sale

    They are rim covers to protect them from scratches during storage. Not warmers to heat tyres.
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    Clearing store room sale

    Looks something like this. No cf garnish if that's what you are asking.
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    Clearing store room sale

    Updated with new items.
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    Hi Everyone

    It's a first gen non facelifted e10.
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    Performance Tires

    Any tyres can be used for racing, depends on how much risk u wanna take.
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    Wts hks type r intercooler

    Sold. Thanks for viewing.
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    Clearing store room sale

    1. Stock front fog light assembly ($50) sold 2. Rear DBA rotors for stock brakes (about 50% left) ($80) sold 3. Tonnka test pipe ($50) sold 4. 850cc fuel injector ($300) sold 5. Apexi air intake kit with heat shield ($100) 6. Lug nuts with titanium look ($30) sold 7. No brand HU. 2 din DVD...