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  1. RichardYuen

    WTB- Stock Evo. 9 exhaust system

    seller pls call 97766998 stock evo. 9 rear muffler and centre pipe
  2. RichardYuen

    Yellow E9 GSR for sales / Spares Parts

    For Sale - 2005 evo. 9 GSR yellow Coe balance 8 years / Condition 8/10 No dekitting sales. 88k Neg. Spares for E9 avaiable Condition 1. 9/10 Rear glass - GSR with wiper hole 2. 9.5/10 Full set orginal air intake system - No Airflow sensor 3. 8/10 Cosworth...
  3. RichardYuen

    How many IX left?

    It be good to see all the 9 have a met up session
  4. RichardYuen

    AYC Fluid level need advice

    need some feedback pls just did my clutch overhaul all stock -plate,dics,brg. refill my AYC pump fluid and did a bleed through diagnostic scanner- Gscan2 run through a 3 mode and drive notice the fluid on the container at my boots fluid will go between full and low while driving or idle off...
  5. RichardYuen

    WTB Evo 9

    evo 9 GSR - 2015 - FS
  6. RichardYuen

    Used- ganador mirror / HKS hipermax Pro / Cosworth Cam's

    pls call 97766998 to deal - other nos out of service
  7. RichardYuen

    evo. 9 bonnet grille- wtb

    looking for evo. 9 bonnet grille stock muffler owner manual whattapp pls 97766998
  8. RichardYuen

    Wts: stock e9 catback

    can we meet at [email protected] . Block A #01-09 tomorrow 28/7/17
  9. RichardYuen

    Wts: stock e9 catback

    where to deal pls 97766998 whatapp
  10. RichardYuen

    W.T.Buy - Evo. 9 Stock Exhaust

    Any one selling Stock rear Muffler and centre pipe OR complete system pls reply here or whattapp 97766998 thank you
  11. RichardYuen

    Offer .SHELL Helix Ultra - Supplied by SHELL S'pore

    We are authorised SHELL Helix Ultra Dealer- Fully Synthetic SAE 40 NOT the Shell from EU selling at Hypermart Oil is seal in for freshness and quality Cash and Carry $ 60.00 nett or SERVICE Package deal with Orginal mitsubishi oil filter $ 80.00 only for MITSUBISHI Car - All Lancer...
  12. RichardYuen

    Want to buy - Evo. 9 Stock complete Air box

    looking for complete air filter box with intake pipe - stock pls call 97766998
  13. RichardYuen

    for sale - apexi N1 full system with cert.

    cash & carry - need to swop with orginal installation on site together 780 net cash / Visa/master/net payment
  14. RichardYuen

    New tyres for sale 245 40 R18

    Kumho Sport High Speed Rating -New Stock & New tyres - 4 pcs $ 570.00 with new valves / computerised Balancing / installation Visa or cash payment - while stock last call 97766998
  15. RichardYuen

    Stock E9 Suspension for sale

    Stock Spring front and rear condition 9/10 Front bilstein condition 7/10 confirm no leak rear KYB Sport condition 9.5/10 renew just Jan.2017 all 800.00 cash or visa payment installation 100.00 can be done on the site sms 97766998
  16. RichardYuen

    WTB - E9 undercarriage brace bar

    whattapp to 97766998 also looking for bonnet grille and insulator