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    Karting kakis wanted.....

    >>>>> "jsguit89" Karting at JB?? are there any interested parties? Anyone got the details and rates?? <<<<< Some videos taken at the track... :) :)
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    Rent a sports car? Now you can

    3k a day (24hrs) work out to be $125 an hour. if 12 guys get together and rent it for a day, each one gets to drive it for 2 hours by chipping in only $250.... not too bad :D :D ( let's hope the maths is correct here)
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    Audi RS6 wagon vs evo wagon... in case you have missed this ---- RS6 wagon ---- Evo wagon Anyone has WRX STi wagon video to compare? :) :)
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    Re: Piece of Advice to SFY9019K Black Evo 9 Owner i am very sure i remember you if i see you face to face :D :D .... Is "ZRS" your new nick? :) By the way, this thread deserves 'cut n paste' for record in case someone deletes the whole thing :) :)
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    Re: Piece of Advice to SFY9019K Black Evo 9 Owner Good lah, if anything happens, polis can take his address from you coz sounds like you know where to find him and more important: you already predicted here what he will do :albino: :bigsmurf: :drunken: can send polis find you if i find...
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    MoToR GP F1 2011 / SIN's Permanant Race Track

    if you ride bike, i borrow your red monster :D :D
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    Discussion - R35 GTR

    Good time to pick up some 2nd hand bargains!! :) :D (but still needs deep pocket for these bargains :( )
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    Re: Piece of Advice to SFY9019K Black Evo 9 Owner Wonder #2: Why bothered to post in the first place if later deleted everything?? .... why bothered to issue threats and withdraw? shouldnt we standby what we said, threats or otherwise? :D It's one thing to change one's mind with a show of...
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    Discussion - R35 GTR

    i am not too sure.... someones did compare running/maintaining cost with porsche models and the likes... and even the idea of prestige/branding/image.. cost (maybe even after market choices) of new tyres / rims / servicing / replacement of usual wears&tears items / availability of tuners / etc...
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    Discussion - R35 GTR

    opps, double posting... see below :)
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    Anyone intending to go 2009 Tokyo Auto Saloon?

    you confirmed going liao?..... dates? .... let me check if wifey free to go... can see cherry blossom (kill two birds)?? or too early... :) :)
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    Anyone intending to go 2009 Tokyo Auto Saloon?

    All depends. If you like to check-out modded/dressed up cars and aftermarket upgrade parts, Auto Saloon will be the one to visit. Tokyo Motor Show will be more for new cars, but still interesting though. Best is to go with a group of kakis who like cars. I am planning to go to the Super Import...
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    Anyone intending to go 2009 Tokyo Auto Saloon?

    Yes, plenty of shopping for the ladies just next to the exhibition halls. I was there two days ago. Btw, between the Auto Saloon (Jan 09) and the Tokyo International Motor Show (Oct 09) which one would you go? I have to decide on either one. :? (haven't visted either one yet)
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    Have you encountered any bad road surface lately??

    Another reply/update from LTA. If you see any other poor road conditions, please update the previous list and I will forward it to LTA again. Thanks :) :) Our Ref: LTA/CCOMS/F20.017.000/3174/3/LC Date : 15-OCT-2008 Tel : 63961626 Fax : 63961650 VARIOUS LOCATIONS - POOR ROAD...
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    KNN, kena called uneducated.....

    A writer suggested in today's ST forum page that why not put FWs in 'highend' residential areas now that HDB (normal-income), Serangoon Gdn (mid-income) already sharing the opportunities to house FW, it's time for the 'elite' / 'highend' residential areas to set some good examples... :D :D :D...