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    fc and maintenance for evo 9

    Achieving 8km/l with 80% highway is highly possible unless you are constantly stuck in a jam or if you are WOOT-happy. There are many workshops around that can service Evo. On the parts, we have AE86, S13, EG6, etc which are older and still running well.
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    WTB: Evo 9

    I've got a friend looking for a relatively stock (not demodded) Evo 9. Please call GY at +9756 5085 if you are selling. Cheers!
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    can A evo9 GSR use a GT stock ecu ?

    Bro, back to the Evo after a good X years? Call me and I can send you mine. Cheers!
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    Still hovering around 60k at the moment. I'd suggest to go for 10 years instead of 5 years renewal. For 5 years renewal, you must scrap the car after 5 years with no residual value. However for 10 years renewal, you can still sell the car with some body value after 5 years.
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    So how many are looking to renew their COE or has renewed?
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    You disappeared for a long time and reappear again. Whats the ride now?
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    WTB: Bonnet Stand (Holder)

    Hi, Looking for a complete set of Evo 9 Bonnet Stand (to hold up bonnet for access to engine bay). PM me if anyone is scrapping or have a spare set for sale.
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    How strong our Evo X is against a FERRARI crossing the road!

    Bro, you are still lurking in this forum huh? :D
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    Would you renew COE for your Evo?

    I know of someone who just would do that!
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    WTB : damaged Evo 9 turbos

    Hi, I may have one FP Green with lose fins. Let me know how much you are willing to offer? Cheers
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    [wtb] Arai Full Face Helmet For Track Day

    Chiap Lee @ 590 Serangoon Road
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    Group Buy for KW coilover

    To sidetrack, you may like to checkout Robispec KW variant. Slightly more expensive but definitely value for money.
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    GB: AMSOIL AMO 10W40 Engine Oil

    Spoken to Nic of MXtrading. Normal retail price is $16.50 per quart. In order to get bulk discount of $15.50 per quart, i need at least 24 quarts for this to happen. Interested parties register your interest soon. This GB ends on 31st July 2011.
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    Engine oil

    To give my 3 cents worth, turbo charged cars are more dedicated when it comes to engine oil as compared to NA. Apart from getting the right viscosity, I'd suggest that owners of turbo charged cars pay some attention to the level of ZDDP content (mainly zinc and phosphorous content) in their...
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    Battery Jump Start Kit

    If its a mini battery, I think it ísn't suppose to hold charge for that many days without a recharge as the capacity is much smaller. If it doesnt happen before but only now, it could also mean that your alternator is not functioning as it should be or you could be having a leakage somewhere.