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    Feeling shameful for an Evo X owner

    Maybe an ex bah... Hahahaha
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    WTS: Original Tomei titanium single tip exhaust

    Come come... Looking for steady buyer... Hahahaha:cool:
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    Wts stock rear bumper

    Come come....:cool:
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    WTS: Fuel surge tank and external fuel pump

    Looking for steady buyer... Hahahaha:cool:
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    WTS: Random Mods

    Looking for steady buyer... Hahahaha:cool:
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    Wts original hks type 1 turbo timer

    Looking for a steady buyer... Hahahaha
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    WTS: HKS Type R Intercooler

    Come come....:cool:
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    Wts original defi gauges

    Come come....
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    WTS: Branded Turbo Outlet

    Come come... Selling chicken drumstick...:cool:
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    wts: Endless Monoblock Brake Kit

    Seems like my current car going to be the first in the world using endless brakes liao... Woohoo...
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    WTS: HKS GTII 8262 turbo

  12. khaychun

    Wts original victory function Evo 10 fenders

    The badass fenders finally found a worthy owner. :D