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    Stock Evo 9 boot

    Stock Evo 9 boot (white) $200 93839498
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    Evo 10 Tomei full titanium exhaust system

    Used Evo 10 Tomei full titanium exhaust system (single outlet) From turbo outlet to muffler -turbo outlet -downpipe with flex joint -midpipe -muffler No cert , not LTA friendly. Very light weight & very loud. Can be used on E9 , i have E9 turbo outlet too. Looking at 1.2k 93839498
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    Original Varis Carbon Bonnet

    Evo 10 Original Varis Carbon Bonnet (Painted in white) there's small crack below the bonnet able to patch by any paints shop. Looking at $600 93839498
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    Evo 9 Varis CF bonnet

    Evo 9 Original Varis Bonnet Condition 9/10 Looking at $1100 93839498
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    Aragosta Type S Coilover

    Evo 9 Aragosta Type S Coilover Condition Good Dont rmb the spring rate Looking at $1100 93839498
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    Want to swap: Original Varis CF Bonnet to Voltex

    Looking to swap original carbon varis bonnet to original voltex. varis bonnet condition 9/10 93839498
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    Evo 9 Stock Brembo

    Evo 9 Stock Brembo Front and Back 4/2 pot came with rotor and pad. rotor and pad still in very good condition caliper in original red paintwork. $1200 93839498
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    Evo X Girodisc Rotor

    Evo 10 Used front and back Girodisc 2pcs rotor. For stock brembo 4/2 use. $1200 93839498
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    Evo X Starter Motor

    Evo X Starter Motor - $350 93839498
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    Varis Carbon Triple Gauge Holder

    Looking for the above. 93839498
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    Evo X Parts

    1. Exo X stock piston and conrod - $400 (from healthy engine) 2. Evo X D2 coilover - $500 ( 6mth old) no leak no sound 3. Apexi Avcr (Black) Boost controller - SOLD