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    MWTS: Evo 9 wagon

    Upz for u CharleS.........
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    wts colt version r and dekitting

    4B11T :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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    Evo X

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    protune mini 6

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Driving into Malaysia

    I think it's good to go in with 2-3 cars... so u can look out for each other.
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    WTS : TD04L

    Available !
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    Ipad 2 reaching SG?

    IF u have the budget , u can get it ! SLS sells Ipad2 now. Can check out Video-Pro.
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    WTS Fcon V Pro

    Upz for u bro!
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    WTS : TD04L

    Hi everybody, Selling my TD04L. ( not stripped from REX but imported in by workshop ) In perfect condition. Asking : S$350/- firm. Deal in Bugis/Balastier/Jurong area. Item is ready to deal. ~ Thank You for viewing ~
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    Local Rotora and Project Mu Distributor?

    Rotora = Autovox PMU = Stamford